Mobile transactions are safe and easy for both your business and your customers.


One of our services are SEPA direct debit payments, which includes real-time transaction data, automation of direct debit functions and electronically direct debit subscription for the customer.


This feature is designed for those occasions when you wish to decide on what kind of monthly instalments you want to pay off the total cost of the purchase.

Transitioning from traditional ways of payments to digitalized for your company, Fintech services might seem difficult, but we’re here to help you during the whole process.
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OK, but what about YOUR business?

Advantages of using FinPay

Reliable cash flow will guarantee success for your company.

Your business will continue to grow. This popular payment method will reduce purchase terminations and since we offer you a 100% payment guarantee you’ll finally be able to look forward to increased sales, reduced costs, and satisfied customers.

Your customers will always be satisfied. Safe and easy payments will make their lifestyle much easier, and being offered the possibility of receiving their goods before paying will keep them coming back.

Your existing customers will keep on buying due to your use of the most popular payment method in the world. Offer them completely safe and easy payments.

By enabling your potential customers this straightforward payment method, you’ll notice fewer cancellations and more customer loyalty in no time.

Worrying about payments is a thing of the past. No matter which form of payment your customers choose, you’ll always receive your money in the agreed time and thus you’ll be able to use the money to keep your company growing.

Manage your money on your own. You decide whether you want your money paid upon the receipt of payment or after the due date. Furthermore, our fees are completely tailored to your needs.

Happy customers are our main goal. Maintain an excellent relationship with them by allowing them to pay after receiving their goods and by enabling them safe and easy payments. Your business is our priority and we wish to see it grow. Because of that our staff is here to help: we are available to your customers on a Freephone number for any queries they may have.

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